Rice Krispy Treats have always been a classic treat.

This recipe takes those old classic Rice Krispie treats up a notch with caramel!

This has got to be your go-to recipe because its a kid friendly treat and quick to make.

Everyone needs a no-bake recipe for a last minute gathering!

Just seven simple ingredients are needed to make this craving a reality!

I highly recommend browning your butter for leveling up your bars! Doesn't take much extra time either.

Any marshmallows will do but I’ve noticed a big difference between name brand and generic so choose wisely for the best marshmallow flavor and texture.

Stir in the condensed milk and vanilla. This is going to be the difference between the classic recipe and this leveled up version!

Yes! This version adds EXTRA marshmallows, because why not?

Add HALF of the cereal mixture to the baking pan. Then top with the warm dulce de leche. Finish with the remaining cereal!

These bars keep well for quite a few days! Do not cut them into bars until the day you are ready to eat them.


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